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ANA Extends Mileage Scheme Benefits to LGBT Passengers

文章發佈日期: 2016 年 6 月 23 日

[TOKYO ANA/2016-6-23]


ANA 友善同志標誌

ANA is to extend the benefits of its frequent flyer programme to the LGBT community so that in future passengers in same-sex partnerships will be able to share their miles and inherit mileage from one another.

In a further move to underscore its commitment to diversity and inclusion, ANA is re-labellingmulti-purpose lounge toilet facilities at Haneda, Narita and Osaka Itamiairports to make it clear that they are available for the use of passengers of either sex and also transgender passengers.

At the same time,ANA is embarking on a number of employee initiatives to support its diversity and inclusion policies. These include the establishment of a new consultation service for LGBT employees, an expanded program to improve awareness of and education about LGBT issues, starting with training for management personnel, and a review of the airline’s welfare and benefits arrangements based on the premise that a same-sex partner is equivalent to a spouse.

ANA is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion to improve both customer service and the workplace environment for employees. In April 2015, ANA announced its “ANA Group Diversity & Inclusion Declaration” designed to ensure that all employees understand and actively promote diversity &inclusion. ANA’s aim is to create a corporate group in which the importance of diversity is recognized and value is created by harnessing each individual’s talents.