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A Bunch Of Diplomats Toured The Stonewall Inn In The Wake Of The Orlando Attack

文章發佈日期: 2016 年 6 月 17 日

【聯合國大使齊聚石牆 誓言力促同志權益】

幾天前,17位駐聯合國大使到美國同志運動發源地、紐約的石牆酒吧 (Stonewall Inn) 舉辦會議,並於石牆酒吧門口合影力挺同志。

大使們對奧蘭多夜店攻擊案喪生的受害者致意,並表示世界許多地方仍有 LGBT社群遭受攻擊甚至被入罪,他們今天聚集在這裡開會,就是為了與 LGBT 社群團結在一起並力促多元性別權益。

這些大使屬於聯合國的 LGBT 核心小組 (LGBT Core Group) ,此小組由18國組成,負責全球各地 LGBT 人權事務。聯合國安理會本月的主席、法國大使 François Delattre在石牆酒吧外受訪時鄭重表示:我的國家在促成同性婚姻一事上相當勇敢(伴侶盟編註:法國政府不畏該國境內宗教恐同勢力龐大壓力,堅定地於總統歐蘭德上任一年內即2013年完成婚姻平權修法),現在我們希望法國作為一個人權國家,要站到國際性的努力的第一線來促使多元性別權利得到全面肯認。

[Hayes Brown / BuzzFeed News World Editor / Jun. 17, 2016]

They were all members of the UN’s LGBT Core Group, which discusses ways to ensure that gay rights are promoted as human rights.

NEW YORK — US Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power led a delegation of fellow diplomats to hold a meeting at the historic Stonewall Inn in New York on Thursday.

The group comprised members of the “LGBT Core Group” at the UN — a collection of 18 countries that work on LGBT issues at the global body.

“We couldn’t think of a more symbolic place a few days after the monstrous attack in Orlando than this one,” Power said. “I think as we grieve with the families of those who were taken in such a horrifying way Saturday night, and as we stand in solidarity with the LGBTI community here in the United States, we’re also really motivated as a group because all around the world, on any given day, there are people who don’t know that day will be their last.”

The attack on the Pulse nightclub in Orlando prompted the UN Security Council to condemn the killing of people for their sexual orientation for the first time.

Tree Sequoia, a bartender at the Inn who’s been a constant presence there for the last 46 years, gave the diplomats a quick overview of the history of the bar and the night of the famous riots that share the bar’s name. “We were having the time of our life,” he said with a smile, telling the attentive gathering of the stand-off between Sequoia and his friends and the police.

“We lit every garbage can in the area near the building and threw them in the windows. That was when the riot police came because you’re not allowed to burn down a bar with the police still in it,” he said wryly, enjoying the laughs that came in response.

Sequoia told the diplomats that he and his friends there that night didn’t think much of the riot that resulted in the bar being closed down. The next year the first Gay Pride parade marched past the Stonewall Inn much to the surprise of Sequoia and Stonewall patrons.

Power told Sequoia that the Core Group is “trying together to show unity and to ensure there are far fewer no-go zones for LGBTI people around the world and far fewer that are punctured like the Pulse was.”

Outside the bar, where the ambassadors assembled to snap a picture before the meeting began upstairs, French ambassador François Delattre promised, “My country was quite courageous in promoting gay marriage. Now we want as France, the country of human rights, to stand and the forefront of international efforts to fully recognize the rights of LGBTI persons.”

The Core Group is currently pushing at the UN Human Rights Council to establish a new role devoted to investigating human rights abuses against LGBT individuals around the world.